Sunday, February 09, 2003

From Faintingo to Bada Bing

Dearly Beloved.
We have gathered here tonight to bid farewell to our dear friend "Faith in God"
It has served us well all these years and now it is time for it to leave us and for us to go on with our lives without it.

There is a journey in front of us. The journey of discovery of what's beyond our "Faith in God". As the famous song goes "I will survive..." our 'Faith In God' will survive and from time to time it will want to came back for a visit and hang out. In those moments be generous and invite it for tea or something like that. Maybe do a monthly reminiscing session where you and your 'Faith in God' can sit down, sip a cup of coffee, or tea perhaps and leaf through the pages of your life and surrender to rememberance of moments passed.

These could be splendid moments to remind yourself of 'do you remember when I was 6 years old you were just being born I decided to be mean and you prodded me to be a nice boy..." and so on. Or 'How about that time when I was so scared when my father was beating my mom and I wanted to kill him but you told me to hold on to the hope and goodness in people, etc...' Yes... very nice time...very nice time we had together growing up all these years.

But we must move forward. We are not abandoning our 'Faith in God' but simply bidding it farewell and moving to the land of "Bada Bing" to forge new frienships and create new remembrerances.

Our Computer Spellchecker for the above article has made a terrible mistake. Instead of the invented phrase "Faintingo" it replaced all occurances with "Faith in God". We apologize for the mistake.
The Editor

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