Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Jack "My Precious" Valenti continued.

Jack 'My Precious' Valenti is a powerful person. I have read his speaches and I have some thoughts on that but right now I am enjoying listing to what one reviewer describes as 'boring depressing Irish music' from the movie 'CAL'. The Irish ballads are traditional and arranged by Mark Knopfler who also plays his steel guitar. But anyway, why would I be mention this to you, dear reader? Who should you care what music inspires me and makes me depressed, and reminds me about all the moments of kissing her hot lips in the October rain and heartbreak when I saw her face for the last time while the train was carrying her off to 'I'll never see you again' land. But the music is on and her hot young lips are frozen in time, My Precious.

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