Friday, July 19, 2002


Metáfora is a brazilian project. It´s very intersting to realize how easy is the conversation in our markets. As Tom Matrullo said once the gigantus homos analiticus have a suspicious mind. I do believe that countries like Brazil, India and... Italy(?) have a diferencial for new markets approaches.
An Open Source Project

Let me introduce the Metáfora Project. It´s a kind of open researching and developing of ideas based on the open source initiative ans free software movement. But instead to aplly it to software we are working to catalize the conversation in markets. Using the colective intelligence and copyleft concepts to the intelectual production.

The Metáfora site uses the wiki interface in order to to ensure to all its members the ability to add new ideas and projects to add news ideas and projects. We have already about 55 members (and growing speedy) and several new projects (including the Daniel Pádua´s Blogchalking). I really think it´s going to succed as an engaged pro active community case. BTW... it´s written in portuguese... no translation till now