Sunday, March 03, 2002

That's kind of bizzarre, isn't it?

That one type of communications (well, ok, two) which happen to be relatively common but still technologically mediated (post and telephone) are somehow more worthy than email and chat, which are equally so mediated, however "new" and therefore "dangerous" they might be.

How much more conspicuously and wierdly orthodox could any university professor be?

Is he the Deutch-Telekom Emeritus Professor of Technocratic Whoredom or something?

Which brings me to another point: I've given up on universities as the residence and refuge of liberal education for its own sake.

Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone other than me care?

Is there somewhere else (other than the net) that one can go and find alternative explanations and expositions of reality?

A-ha! . . . . it all becomes clear now . . . . . . . the net is the threat.

I sense another blogsticker coming on.

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