Sunday, March 10, 2002

Spamming non-payers

Interesting, but I do it the other way round. When the phone company or bank make one of their regular cock-ups, rather than spend 2 hours of my time playing phone tag with customer service reps who fail the Turing test, I track down the customer service email address, and send them emails with increasing frequency until they fix it. For egregiously unwired companies, I use faxes (the fax relay service is useful, particularly in the UK).

As for day jobs, I have been writing and selling computer code since 1979, generally with a media bent. After doing Physics at Cambridge, I joined the BBC as a video engineer. I spent most of the 90s producing and coding interactive entertainment for museums and CD-ROMs, selling well over 2 million copies, and winning lots of awards. I joined the QuickTime team at Apple in 1998, and work on various parts of QT, including live broadcast streaming and professional video.

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