Saturday, March 09, 2002


About time I started earning my keep here.

My dayjob, now theres a thing. We've connected boring old financial business applications to mail & SMS servers, not yet IM for all the obvious reasons. It actually makes a hell of a difference since most business apps are expertly good at witholding information. The ability to ping an automated email or SMS message to a manager or customer, supplier or pocket device when something vaguely interesting happens like low inventory, price promotions, budget overrun, liquidators called in etc. Of course, I can see it being used by lamebrains for bad shit too, like spamming. However I can also foresee that this wouldn't always be a bad thing, you could set it to email a customer about unpaid debts, the older the debt the more frequently you ping em an email or instant message until the point where you say, "pay us or we'll bring down your fucking mail server". Now you're talking.

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