Wednesday, March 06, 2002

down the tubes

As noted by Weinberger, more about Hollings here. Then there's this in a letter to the New York Times:

Senator Ernest F. Hollings's arrogant response to the question of whether he had received contributions from Enron -- ''I got 3,500 over 10 years, but our friend, Kay Bailey Hutchison, she got 99,000. Heck, I'm the chairman of the committee. That wasn't a contribution. That was an insult''

Interestingly, I find nothing in the Times about Holling's assault on freedom.

Also, see Doc on a ruling that could shut down Net radio. He says, among other good things:

We face a plain conceptual choice here. Either the Net is a medium — a plumbing system of pipes for pumping content from producers to consumers, controlled from top to bottom by suppliers — or it's a place where people and companies meet to make culture, do business and share the stuff that makes life interesting.

Weinberger's book is becoming more relevant by the day...

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