Saturday, March 02, 2002

Companies of Shit

Well, that'd have to be CyberRep, where I was doing customer service for a cellular telephone company (it's idenitfy isn't terribly important, since I was working for CyberRep, not them).

Mainly because Management was woefully mis-named. While there are valid arguments for flexibility and adaptability, managers at this company tended to simply change rules at the drop of a hat, and then hold you to them retroactively. So, for example, if you performed your job on Monday based upon the current rules, and then they changed the rules on Tuesday, you'd get shit for not obeying Tuesday's new rules back on Monday.

They also were somehow rather cerebrally incapable of discriminating when it came to disciplinary action. When any given employee or two would not be performing well, or was screwing around, rather than taking them aside and working with them on it directly, they'd make blanket company-wide edicts that had the essential effect of treating us all like we were in grade school.

When I finally up and quit, the head manager at the time asked me why (immediately after I had just explained in detail part of why). I re-iterated what I had already said and rattled off all the other reasons. He then decided it would be a shrewd thing to say, "Well that's an immature attitude to take." At which point I stood up perfectly straight (I had been hunching over because quitting a job is nerve-wracking), looked him in the eye and said, "I am done having this conversation now. And you of all people have some nerve using that word with anyone."

That was a fun day, all in all.

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