Thursday, March 07, 2002

Bloggernisation - What Happens When The Irresistible Blog Meets the Immovable Blog.

(Can I use an "s" instead of a "z" Jeneane? Can I? It's your word baby, but we English speaking types just can't get with the whole zee thing, we still think it's a zed!)

Oh baby! - Let's do it! Let's do it! Let's DO IT!

I mean that in the best possible taste, you understand.

And now I see I really *will* have to dust off the credit card, bite the bullet, put nose to the grindstone, mangle some gratuitous metaphors before breakfast, and buy the darned books - sob!

Hey! - Business Expenses - YaaaHoooo!!

Let's do it!!!!

On another note (pun intended, as you will soon see if you can be bothered reading my fevered shit) I was prompted by AKMA's awesome blog to email him some lines from a song by Shriekback, called Nemesis, an old favourite of mine that I hadn't thought of for some time.

Then I got to thinking that these two lines are a really concise description of traditional marketing, from a certain bloggers point of view. I even made a blogsticker of them.

"But we know evil is an exact science, being carefully correctly wrong."

From the song Nemesis, by Shriekback, off the album Oil and Gold.

Lovely riffs, too!

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