Saturday, February 02, 2002

so how do you get the titles to show up? the title bar is up there, and the title you type in shows up in edit mode. but I must need to do something else? Hmmm.

CONTEST NEARS END: Helen Razer is miles ahead in the "design a logo for Jeneane's allied blog" contest. Yes, well, she's the only one who's taken the bait too. Helen's gonna get a mug out of this one day and you'll all be sorry--unless you get your micrographx, corel, or other graphic engines humming. Don't miss out. Fame, fortune--or maybe just a mug--awaits you. (p.s., Helen, can you make me a version with dark blue type for merchandise and to match my "allied" blog color(s)? jpegs appreciated. I know, I know, I'm incredibly demanding. We ideologically circumspect types are.)

So, how's everyone liking the new features? Denver, you still looking for your missing post? Doc Searls' blog probably ate it. :-)

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