Friday, February 22, 2002

the relentless wonder of plunder

Jordon! One is aghast. To employ the parlance of the young and callow, whassup?
You impart here - of all the digital fora in the world! - "if you make anything cool, it will be pirated and stolen". Well, I jolly well hope so. Ideas improve. The meaning of words [ideas, cultural artefacts, SOFTWARE] participates in the improvement. Plagiarism is necessary. Progress implies it. Guy Debord. Ninety Freaking Sixty Seven.

Theft is implicit in the manufacture of all art, marketing, preternaturally decent stuff.......
Why O Why when appropriation ought be regarded as the most significant and enticing theoretical informant of contemporary culture, should copyright law and plainly menopausal fear-of-plunder become increasingly odious?!
Heavens. Those INSOUCIANT Vietnamese DARING to promulgate a sub-economy that would afford information literacy to those who can least afford it.
Personally, I think it all went wrong with the printing press. All those PEASANTS daring to acquire lexical dexterity. Preserve Mr Gates' right to keep Melinda in garters now. Halt the burgeoning will of third world constituents to participate in the digital cultural economy now.

The field of cultural production ought be open to all players, Jordon. If a couple of folk in Chiang Mai get Office XP for free, freaking great, I say.
power to the plunderers

I trust that you attained full permissions and/or adhered to minimum Fair Use restrictions when you reproduced yahoo content, btw.

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