Saturday, February 23, 2002

"Once this column appears, my authorial control ends and theirs [the bloggers'] begins."

Henry Jenkins has written a thoughtful article about the "extreme sport" of blogging for MIT's Technology Review magazine, in which, among other things, he uses the example of what bloggers will do with his article to illustrate the power of the medium. Mr. Jenkins gets points for recognizing the significance of the weblog as media-intermediary, and for taking on the Dvorak-esque sentiment that "these are simply a bunch of obsessed adolescents with too much time and bandwidth." Thought you all would enjoy.

-Aside: In the hard copy magazine, the editors compared bloggers to "cockroaches after nuclear war" in the table of contents, but were careful to omit the unflattering analogy in the online version. Nibble, nibble...

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