Friday, February 22, 2002

googlewhack puzzle and intellectual property

I don't see anything on the googlewhack site about the story. hmmmm. curious. And I still say, cool! Let's encourage Kevin to make a neat tool, dump our stuff, at least save it for posterity, then see what else we can concoct... If I may say, though, it could bring him more questions and popularity and pandora's box ramifications than he may expect.

To Tom's point, blogs like this one do give rise to the intellectual property issue. When I thought about doing t-shirts and mugs through cybercafe, I was hit with that single thought--who's shit is this? Who'd get the pocket change we'd raise? Gonzo Engaged wouldn't have existed without my hairbrained scheme in the first place, but it's the community that makes the place hum, and now, this place wouldn't exist without our community of brains. So some community or partnership thing would seem to be the natural result of community blogs like this one. But then, that gives rise to notions of percentages, pay for performance, what constitutes a contribution to a community blog, what do you do with hecklers, do lurkers realize any benefits? Lots of these things need answers, but for now, I don't want to answer them. It winds way too deep. I want to have some fucking fun.

However, let's remember, we do have a lawyer on this blog--her perspective would be interesting.

For me personally on Allied, and for Tom and for all of us bloggers with personal blogs, the ownership/property issue seems perfectly clear. Manifest Destiny. What I write, what I interpret, and what I create there is mine.

Those are my initial thoughts, with very little sleep assisting me, on the issues at hand.

Probably should have checked with my counsel before I blogged all this intellectual property crap, huh?

Ah well...


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