Monday, February 18, 2002

A google question

Does anyone know--and can anyone enlighten me--on how google works in keeping/compiling results? See here's the thing. Lately I've been doing my vanity searches, and I generally get 10 pages of results, but when I click on page 10, it really comes about that I have 6 pages of unique hits. Which is cool. I'm good with that. But even more strange lately, it seems like I'm losing hits that used to come up. Like, I was in the 2,600's for number of results returned a couple of weeks ago, and now I'm in the 2,500s, even though folks have been linking to allied fervently. Same with Gonzo Engaged. It's doing well, but not all the hits it has gotten register on Google.

So, do some hits/results disappear from Google after a time? Why?
What can I do to boost my blog's "findability"? And ultimately, the number of results returned?

Any tips from this search maven novice would be appreciated.


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