Saturday, February 23, 2002

a break in the action

to welcome two new team members. The first, Lee Crocker, wins a special gonzo prize (as if we had any) for his uncovering of my stupid mistake:

At the possible expense of being an idiot (a well established fact in some circles) don't you mean your definition of idiot is really narrow?
Sign me.
blogging at work on my handheld while sitting on a stool passing gas.

So I'm like, holy crap he's right. Politely, I ask if I can blog his email--you know, with the passing gas part and all, maybe being a bit to intimate. Lee explains:

Passin' gas is just my job ma'm. Not realy intimate at all. I'm an anesthesiologist. Thougt you might get a little chuckle over that. I guess this email is good as any. Blogging is a nice little respite from the tedium of brain surgery. Ain't technology amazin?

Yes, Lee, it is. And you have just the right personality to join in the fun here on gonzo engaged. I think you're our first anesthesiologist. Let me know if you have your own blog so I can add it to the blog bog. AND I'll fix the idiot thing too.


Gary Blogstickers Turner has asked to join in the conversation. Gary is a new good friend of mine, being the only blogger so far I've actually picked up the phone to call, albiet on the weekend when I knew I wouldn't reach him. Gary is brilliant, and an international sensation in his own mind--I MEAN, on his blogstickers site.

Now, back to the action...

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