Friday, February 01, 2002

Blogger Pro--New Features (ready now!):

Spellchecking. If your embarrassing typos have skyrocketed since we had to take spellchecking out of the free version (because it stopped being free for us), don't fret. It's back in Pro and without ads. (Note: Windows only for the moment.)

Title Fields. An optional title field is available in the posting form, as well as in the template. Save formatting time if you like to give your posts headlines.

Image Posting. Easily upload and post photos (and any other type of file) from within the Blogger editing interface. (Not yet available for Blog*Spot blogs.)

Post to the Future (or the Past). Adjust the time a post is published, so you can move items around on your blog—or even post to the future.

Draft Posts. Ever have a thought you don't have time to complete at the moment? Just mark the post as a "draft." It won't be published and will be there for you to come back and finish later.

BlogSend. Broadcast your blog via email. Let readers subscribe to get your thoughts in their inbox on a daily basis, or by post, via your own one- or two-way mailing list. Increase reach, readership, and feedback.

Post Templates. If you routinely include similar text or HTML in your posts, create a Post Template and save loads of tedious typing time.

Secure Logins. For higher security, your password is encrypted via SSL whenever you sign into Blogger Pro.

Better Internationalization. Ninety-two languages/locales are now available for the date formatting (and now, most of them are even done correctly!). Plus, a ton of new timezones (I think we have them all now).

--enjoy ya'll!

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