Saturday, January 05, 2002

Underwriting candidates (one may have fewer takers than the others; you decide which):

(1) The Semi-Official Small Wonder Site, devoted in excruciating detail to that 80's sitcom you no doubt remember, if not exactly fondly.

(2) The Gibson Reasearch Corporation, brainchild of super bright and talented Steve Gibson (check out his creds). Gibson makes and sells quality security and computer mainenance software, and gives away a ton more for free, just 'cause. His work and site are passionate and personal. Since most of what he does is geared toward making personal computing safer and more reliable, companies like Dell should be crawling over themselves to support him and be affiliated - especially given the thriving discussion groups also going on at his site around his products and the issues they address.

(3) TV programming for fans of Gonzo: The Screen Savers, who have hosted Doc Searls in the past, and discuss things like (1) and (2) on the show. Their viewers must form quite a micromarket, with sponsors as diverse as Intel and VasoRect...

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