Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Hey Jeneane and Clay,

By definition: NO broadcast message can be Gonzo!

Shouting at everyone, - and particularly those people who don't want to hear you, and may actually have asked you politely to "Please! STOP!" - is not a conversation, nor is it particularly engaging.

SPAM != Gonzo

Although eventually, these nascent efforts at being marginally less than a completely overbearing prick may mature into something Gonzo-like, they can never do that while they are still *broadcast*!

So, while they may be admitted into the category of CPG broadcast advertising *on the web* (which was the original term used by Gaspar Torreiro) on a technicality, this doesn't really refute his proposition, IMHO.

On the contrary, their primitive efforts to imitate Gonzo-ness while refusing to give up their innate prickhood is rather a solid endorsement of Gonzo, albeit one it could probably do without.

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