Sunday, January 13, 2002

Clay, " come Gonzo Marketing is a book?" Royalties certainly. Noblesse oblige, probably. Rather than kvetching about the one-to-many versus interstitial influence models (not to be confused with "one too many versus interschtshul infre ahh you know whadd I mean" model) it probably behooves us to return to a perspective on the medium under discussion. The non-corporate PC user (70% of us have them in our US homes now) has an entirely different relationship to the medium than the magazine/newspaper reader or radio/television audience member. We are out here seeking... plane tickets, fruit trees, new chemotherapy ideas, assisted living alternatives for mom, software, and also entertainment. The net drives transaction costs down. It broadens market availability of products. And it provides idea-space for communities of interest to share information regarding products. So the numbers game may be an interesting but orthogonal perspective from which to view what's actually going on and what is possible. The blogsticker party comes to mind here. This site is getting lots of traffic and interaction. The scaling issues you brought up of course apply. And there's no score being kept with $(US). But the contagion seems to be there. It's a screaming meme and if there is commercial value, it will be different from the consumer packaged goods models. Or will it? I've been waiting for someone to come up with cyber green stamps, and maybe this is the foundation for that effort. Maybe not. Meanwhile, I think I will buy one of those nifty looking web TV cameras I see advertised after my visit to many websites. NOT!

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