Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Bleach is a problem though - not much scope for product differentiation there; all you are buying is a simple chemical compound. You can add scent to it (like Chlorox do) and you can sell it in different concentrations, but basically it is a pure commodity.

But step back - how is Bleach made? It uses chemicals that can cause pollution. In fact it is a chemicla tht causes pollution. There is a big constituency of people who care about this, and you could have a Gonzo campaign to promote your better process, or less damaging bleach alternative. Of course, you'd have to create a less damaging alternative or lose your market...

How about heavy users of bleach? People with obsessive-compulsive disorder? Maybe not.

I know, how about new mothers - they need to sterilize things a lot, or think they do. How about a Gonzo campaign to support new mothers? Like this one?

(BTW, who chose the invisible link colour combination here - it turns my linksinto a braille interface).

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