Friday, December 07, 2001

I'm over on Locke's blog and I check out the long-delayed epic corporate up-yours called "Fuck Work" that Locke points to. Then I read the blogback comment, which says the procrastinating author's site is Fascinating really--the guy's philosophy is some absurd combination of Doc Searls meets RageBoy (don't stomp on my civil rights, please--motherfucker). One pearl of wisdom from SRINI's "Self-Interview," which he conducted in 1997, is this:

"I'm no fan of humanity. There, I said it. Singular individuals have the potential to be warm, sensual, caring and exciting people. Humanity in general? It's like a fungus. It lives in its little corner of the universe. It eats, and eats, and eats until there's nothing left to eat. Then it dies."

Not so ungonzo, is it? Then, consider this little sticker Srini's concocted:

So I emailed him and said, guy, where's the book? We'll see what he says... -j.

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