Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Hey, hello, I haven't died. yet. Actually, I've been putting a bit more time in on my zine, Entropy Gradient Reversals -- that's the link to the web page, but uh, mumble... I haven't updated it for about two years I think. Nothing like being a real on-top-of-it web goo-roo, eh? To see what I've been spewing forth elsewhere of late, you'll have much better luck checking the EGR Topica archive (please overlook the fact that the posts are in chronological order so that you have to page to the end to see the new ones. Duh! Topica is a little slow in the interface dept.) Of course, all this is assuming you give a rat's ass what I've been up to. Just thought I'd explain why I've been such a stranger here. Also, apropos of nothing in particular, I've got the dirty funky no-good low-down good-for-nothin blues tonight for reasons I don't even want to think about. But that's another story altogether.

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