Monday, November 19, 2001

Well, shit, I'll do the backing vocals.

Jeneane: No money down, easy payments - honest! ;-)

Seriously, I wasn't contemplating some monstrous investment thing, just a modest real life experiment in the viability of Gonzo as a foundational theme for a business.

See the website I discussed below, other than some semi-formalised ordering and payment relationships, that website is the sum total of the business.

Hell, if you look at the wines on sale, and you know something about New Zealand wines (mostly they're damned good, I shit you not) and you like wine, and you like the fact that our currency is known as the Pacific Peso (sigh), then you might even be able to convince them to look into packaging for international delivery.

Shoot, if they won't package it for you, let me know and I'll do it.

That, my friend, is viral marketing - the transmission of an idea as opportunity, with the only dis-ease caused to your credit card account.

The trick (forgive me Chris!) is to make it work for us.

"look at that yoyo, that's the way to do it, he's bangin on the bongo like a chim-pan-zee!
aw, that ain't workin . . . ."
- Dire Straits

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