Tuesday, November 20, 2001

The Pacific Peso, that has a great ring to it, despite the less-than-stellar reputation the word 'peso' might have in the Western Hemisphere in general. So what are we talking about here... a Gonzo Group Multi-Product Garage Sale Internet Nexus of Commerce? I live near California's premiere wine country, but I've had some of the New Zealand stuff and will attest to it's fine quality!

In a think out of the box sort of comment, someone I know recently suggested I try to market my children's sized mannequins as dress-up dolls for little girls who could put their own clothes on them and 'play house'. Hmmm... would certainly extend the potential market. Is that a Gonzo concept?

As for basses... no way I'm going to tackle a standup double bass. There's way too much specialized knowledge in making those very large acoustic instruments (but boy do I love to hear someone who can play the hell out of one). But there are two other types I am interested in building one of these days. One is the typical electric bass, and the simple truth there is that there is as much going on in the electronic side in making an outstanding instrument as there is in the woodworking side. After all, most electric guitars are a slab of wood and a fingerboard until you get to the electronics. The other is a guitar-bass... an acoustic (perhaps with a pickup installed as well) instrument that looks like a big-bellied guitar with four strings. They're great for a small room and just jamming with friends, but don't do too well in a larger venue because as soon as you amp them up very much they tend to feedback a lot.

So back to actually trying to market something... what else besides NZ wine might be on the list? And how would this experiment work? I know that the existing paradigm is to send of email to a zillion people, but that's really Old School and exactly the kind of spamified crapola that we are trying (I think) to get rid of. So how do we make ourselves visible to other's who might be interested in whatever we have to offer?

Back to you guys...

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