Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Opression certainly exists and will certainly be invented if it doesn't exist - at least by some. But, Gonzo in the Hunter S Thompson sense is reclaiming the right to expression as much as the railing against opression. In many cases we are our own oppressors. Companies oppress their employees because they are ignorant of their needs - they haven't heard their voice. The Brazilian example by Hernani is an exaple of that.

The department I worked in had "boss trouble" not so long back and one of my colleagues spoke to a occupational pschologist about the problems we were having. The verdict? You get the boss you deserve. We were not active in expressing ourselves and had in fact talked ourselves into a downward spiral of misery and depression. (Still there by the way, but that's another story).

Gonzo, blogging are certainly intertwined, all as elements of finding a Voice against the background greater globalisation. That's not say I am against global corporations per se, but let's make sure the bastards don't stack the deck in their favour.

Andy A

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