Friday, November 30, 2001

jeez, get me started and you can't shut me up, huh? I really like Hernani's observation about the thinning borders between work and liesure: "We work as we play the video game." That's true for me, especially, as I live in a constant hyperlinked state of mother/wife/worker/blogger. I raise our daughter at home (four years and counting) while at the same time working full-time (and then some) from home for a pretty big PR company. At the same time, I juggle free moments between my husband and my blogging, and somehow that doesn't seem quite fair to my husband or my blogs. But right now, it's my reality.

So for me, especially, the connected world of the Internet is erasing the lines between work and home, between creative expression and ABCs, between online earth mother and offline wife-lover. And when the stars are aligned, it all works like magic--like a good search on google when you find JUST what you were looking for. And when the karma's bad, it all goes awry at once, like when the laptop dies, my daughter decides to etch her name into the baby grand, I piss my husband off, and I'm late finishing a really sucky article on something I still don't understand for a client that wouldn't know gonzo if it bit them in the tush.

So I'm not sure if the end result of all of this will be a collision of online and offline worlds, or a merging of our connected and unconnected states of being. I think for the near term, for us all, it will be an odd mix of collision and integration. And I wonder what it will be like for my daughter and hers. And sometimes, I wonder what she'll think when she's sitting there while her children etch their names into some family heirloom as she searches me up on google, finds this blog, joins in the discussion, and the whole thing comes full circle.

We indeed live in an amazing time.

night, -j.

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