Monday, November 19, 2001

Jack, I do know it, thanks. As you say, I think I've almost always known it, but my employer doesn't.

In fact, my employer would explicitly and emphatically deny it, and probably castigate me for suggesting it, and probably ultimately fire me if I persisted an asserting such an idea. And the Marketing department would probably approve wholeheartedly.

[sigh . . . . . . ]

What I was trying to say to Jeneane, since she's the only one here I know is "in marketing" in the traditional sense, is what if her dreams come true and the War On All That Is Not Gonzo finally tracks down and kills Osama Bin Hustlin, well, WHAT THEN?

What is she going to do?

See my last mangled post for a company that not only has no marketing department, but has no marketing media in the traditional sense, just a website that invites you to sign up, and invites you to invite your friends to do the same. You can't get there unless you (or someone who knows you) know where you're going already. Gonzo, and they don't even know it! They started the site this way because they had no money and to placate their friends who were always asking them for cheap wine deals.

Chris: I've just sent them a copy of your book. You see what you've done to me!!

Still haven't got that blogBuddy hyperlink sussed. Bugger!

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