Thursday, November 08, 2001

It amazes me that this blog doesn't implode under the pure weight of the intellect contained herein. Jack, you are a welcome addition to our little ongoing improv on the life and death of marketing (and other stuff--we sometimes get carried away). I indeed know the feeling you speak of in your Temple of Doom analogy, and I can only say thank you for your kind words on what we're trying to achieve here, which we may from time to time forget, but in the very act of forgetting, somehow move forward anyhow. And even if we don't do anything, we've each met some pretty cool people.

With the addition of Jack, fellow blogians, our little team now numbers 12. Amazing, huh? I encourage the lurkers to speak up... maybe shut me, andrew, and denver up for five seconds. ;-) But either way, we're all glad we're here... I've learned a lot! And to that end, if you guys have blogs of your own, please email me the link (if it's not already listed on the left), so I can add you to the blog bog--and to that big footprint in the sky.

Anyway, I just had to say welcome to Jack and celebrate our twelveness with you.


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