Wednesday, November 14, 2001

In my blog today Here and Now I wrote:
Blogging is enabling us to live a richer life by expressing our thoughts and sharing it with others today. It is making us rethink communication and community. This is fantastic and All the world needs now is love sweet love.

It was good to see the blogging increase yesterday. There is an important discussion going on and we need those who have chosen to be involved to comment, critique and clarify what we are experiencing. Chris's blog today shows that blogging is an integral part of Gonzo.

Jeneane has been both kind and wise to enable this blog as a focus on some of Chris' (and others) thoughts and ideas. It is also a new experiment in architecture.

The Blog Blog on the left lists many participants and now is the time to participate in the actual discussion. Short, long or medium, please blog your thoughts and make this an active and lively place to hang out.

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