Tuesday, November 06, 2001

I'm working on (read: trying to get myself to work on) a column about weblogs for The Guardian. Yesterday, I did phone interviews with (read: schmoozed with) Doc Searls, Dave Winer and Ev Williams. Great talking to those guys, but I've only got 800 words, so how am I supposed to fit all that stuff into this piece I can't seem to start actually writing? Also, I spent the entire morning searching and digging around in blogspace. Found all sorts of great stuff, including this excellent overview: weblogs: a history and perspective. It's from September 2000, but timeless in its own way. Also, Eric Norlin turned me on to daypop.com, which is pretty net. I mean, pretty neat. You can help me to procrastinate by posting your blog-releated observations here. I have 800 words, remember, so short and pithy (read: brilliant) statements would be most helpful. thanx. RB.

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