Monday, November 05, 2001

I'm out of American Spirits; I've been smoking these 'Basic' crap-for-tobacco cigarettes all day, and I'm either coming down with bronchitis or anthrax as a result. I'm just now hacking up a lung. To keep it short, this from Gonzo Marketing:

"...all we have is intuition and stories to try to make sense of the world, to provide some sort of vision of where we're at and where we may be headed. But that's not so bad. As a species, it's all we've ever had."

The beauty of these three sentences is mighty. A story inside a story, first. And then, beyond even the content, writers, the cadence, cadence, cadence.

Now, someone tell me a story... and good night. (hack, cough, het-hem... send drugs).

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