Tuesday, November 06, 2001

I dont have time to write a lengthy entry...I have to be to work ON TIME. HEY...do you think it would be "over zealous" (his words, at my suggestion) that I voicemail my boss when I get to work and again when I leave for lunch and then again on my return and of course again when I leave? Is this being a snippy bitch or is this prevention from the wagging tounges of clock watchers? THere is something inheriently sick about this entire situation.

Do I fight with fire? If they only thing they have to undermine me with is my tardiness....and his heinie-ness, trusting the words of those who are so incompetent the only method of attack is this base-level bullshit..what the hell...it couldnt hurt, right?

However, does it lower me to thier standards...nah...this is want HE wants...total control.

Meanwhile...our heroine is brushing up her resume and sending out feeelers...hehehehee....

I should write a book...using Jeneane's title: "How to control a control freak"

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