Tuesday, November 13, 2001

I do believe that either the Cluetrain or the Gonzo ideas are the reverbaration of the own voice. You don´t need to be opressed to realise that speaking is fine and the conversation is, actually, the way to enlight the markets. Nonetheless, the opressed voice have in the Internet a very good chance to be persuasive in their targets. In Brazil, we are in touch with a quite intersting case. The Gazeta Mercantil, a tradicional finnancial journal, was denying to pay their employers for months. They got in a strike. But the law is very complicated and normally defends the corporations. The employers realised that using the bloggger tool was a very cheap way to spread the strike movement voice. And they started to blog their own words. The strike got popularity and the managed that the justice deparment to declare legal the striking. The first time I have seen the blogger used for political action...

there is an interview in portuguese, but you can translate it easilly by using the google or altavista

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