Monday, November 19, 2001

Denver, man, you're gonna make me run for the Xanax with the what are you going to DO question? Hell, I don't know what I'm going to do. What am I supposed to do? No extra cash to "launch" with... lookin' into private school for the little one... you know. Whatever it is, it's gotta pay. So I do this. And this is something. And it will pay one day. And for now it's free. So you see, I'm not-so-subtly using my marketing know how to position myself smack dab in a microcommunity with other really smart people who have all manners of connections and interests and ideas...

So I guess what I'm going to do is "play it by ear." It took more than a decade of marriage to a musician before the depth of that old saying hit me. Play it by ear=improvise. Listen, hear, respond, relax, flow, let it happen, leave gaps, add fills, give and take, let go, dig the process... So that's all I'm going to do right this second I think. Jamming along and waiting to see how far out we can take it... Every now and then I get a solo or two... and I'm happy. For now. Then I'll get bored. Just like you guys. And then we'll make it even better.

(Note to Big Corporation I work for, and Big Fish my clients: All this shit has made me an even better worker, because my brain is now on overdrive. I think more clearly. I can invent again. I write better. I feel better. I'm all about energy. Lucky you.)

And now, a case study on gonzo. Jack, I didn't know you built guitars too--I checked out your wooden folks a while back. I hope I wrote you like I meant to about how freaky and cool they are! Now, tell me more about the guitars... and whether or not you do basses... hubby's a multi-instrumentalist. we're always looking. And gee, that Locke has been known to beat on a roland guitar synth or two... shit, chris, did you know this guy makes guitars?

So who knows Denver, we may all go off on one big gonzo adventure together, or we may, as I suspect, connect, intertwine, and engage in intracommerce within our own little microcommunity (and others like us), exchanging wampum when we can, and adding our strings to the complex web of online interconnections. And eventually, maybe that's all we'll *need* to do. And how cool would that be?

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