Monday, November 19, 2001

Denver (et. al.) - I know what you mean, at least I think I have some idea about what it's like to have something to offer and no place to offer it. That's one reason why I became interested in this topic. My copy of the Gonzo book just arrived over the weekend, so I've only read a small amount by now, but my motivation is both practical as well as philosophical. I have a small side business that has, as you put it, "no marketing media in the traditional sense". It has a website (, but the target clientele is limited mostly to boutique type shops, and there's nothing much more than chance that leads them to my site. I also make guitars, and one of these days will, in some manner or fashion, try to "market" them, but there's no way to do it in the traditional way, so I have to be one of the guinea pigs of Gonzo and step off of terra firma into something quite unknown. I assume that's why so many existing companies are so slow to change and evolve. They are using what has worked so far and aren't willing to trade their predictable (so far) buggy for some sportier new model that might not work at all.

I'd be interested in this topic even if I didn't have anything I wanted to 'market', but it's doubly interesting to look at it both from the perspective of an extra-terrestrial anthropologist and a very earth bound (would be) merchant!

On top of that, there are other things I'd like to use this marvelous media we're all involved with, and that is to publish some semi-personal history wherein I am not interested in making any money in the process, but would like to publish things of interest that I have collected over the years, for instance the history of certain military aircraft. This small Gonzo group has managed to coalesce around a theme in a vast ocean of ideas that are in existence on the web, and I find it amazing in a sense. Anything that I would 'publish' by way of creating a web site would be just one more piece of flotsam in that ocean, and unless I took some action, some form of Gonzo Marketing, there would be nothing more than pure happenstance that would get that site up on someone's screen. While waiting for the ferry the other day I saw something that is ordinary in our cultures legends, but extraordinary in that I had never actually seen one... it was a clear whiskey bottle with a note in it floating on the bay. I just stood there amazed at the thought of it... at the UN-likelyhood that it would ever actually make a journey of any distance... that another person would actually fish it out of the water and read the message... it took me on quite a metaphysical journey imagining that someone in some remote place had surrendered to the idea that despite incredible odds this was the only way that there was any possibility whatever of getting a message out to the world. Phew! In reality it was probably some kid doing it for a joke, or some thoughtless yacht driver throwing his garbage overboard, but to me seeing that bottle bobbing listlessly in the bay it became a parable for a much broader set of ideas...

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