Friday, October 19, 2001

Page 196 - This site "underwriting" is a great idea. As first described, I thought (as a visitor), wouldn't I just view that site like an off-shoot of the underwriting company's site? But then the 'great' idea. No one company underwriting these sites. Instead, many companies underwriting a site. The biggest reason I like this is the potential for collaboration and further exploration among this group of underwriting companies, who, by their association with the site, inherently have something "special" in common.

Very cool. This would shake up the whole "positioning" notion, wouldn't it? In this world you are creating, companies are as much positioning themeselves WITH other companies of similiar ideals and interests (who are also underwriting these sites) as they are AGAINST their competitors (who are off underwriting different sites with their own like-minded bunch.) Ala, the visitor, in one fleeting sweep, "understands" what the group of underwriting companies is about. The "flavor" of the company is discerned from the personality and voice of the sites it underwrites, and by the other companies involved in the site.

Neato. I'm liking this....

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