Sunday, October 14, 2001


Page 105 - YES! Open Source Marketing. That is it--that is what this read of Gonzo is... an Open Source read! But, It can't be just me and the author. I have to find a way to let others join in. Otherwise, it can't possibly evolve into anything other than it is. To that end, whoever wants to jam, send me your email addresses and I'll add you to the Team (via the handy icon at the top of this here blogger). Come on; it'll be fun!

Page 111 - "I love language" - I love that line. Bumpersticker worthy even. I fell in love with it as a kid and never fell out. And the idea of Voice, which threads through Cluetrain and Gonzo, I love that too. Because, forever I have known that voice is the key, and yet, I never could explain that idea to anyone. Could not articulate it. Not even to other writers. Then these "books as conversations" came along, and I'm feeling high as a kite. Sure, you could say that's a little extreme. Sorry, I'm a nerd.

What passes as good writing is often voice that resonates. I mean, the stuff in this blog--it ain't good writing folks. I hope it resonates with some though.

Voice is more than writing. Voice draws you in, feels familiar, wraps around your head. People say, "I like Michael Criton's books." or "I'm a Stephen King freak." But when you pick up fiction, what grabs you isn't the writing. It's the voice. It's what you hear inside your head as you read.

Writing is an act--the act of fingertip to keyboard or pen to paper. Edit, spellcheck, post, and publish.

VOICE is the result. Voice is physiological. Voice resonnates. Voice is what turns a reader on or off. Draws an audience--or customer--closer or pushes them away.

Writing can't yell, or weep, or whisper. But voice can.

When voice feels right, you can't help but listen. The best skill a writer can hone is the skill of finding your own voice, and then, jamming--in other words, improvising. Twist your voice this way and that way. Turn it inside out. Play with it. Become a master of voice, and you can write anything for anyone. Better yet, because few in PR or marketing know how to use voice effectively, they'll marvel at what you do and pay you lots of money. And I suspect we'll be hearing a lot about voice and business in the next two year, thanks to Gonzo.

more later...

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